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Let’s Explore… She Drives Me Crazy and the Sapphic High School Romance

Recently I finished reading She Drives Me Crazy by Kelly Quindlen. My journey with this book is a surprisingly long one, as I first discovered it in early 2021, when I wrote a mock marketing proposal for the novel as part of my course work. For the project, I also put together a marketing mood board, inspired by the colours of the sunset lesbian pride flag. As I learned more about the book, its content and its context as a publication within lesbian and queer publishing, I became more eager to read it. As a big supporter of brick-and-mortar bookshops, I did not want to order the book online. As such, I spent the next year and a half browsing every bookshop I came across in search of She Drives Me Crazy , to no avail. Then one afternoon last December I went into my local Waterstones ten minutes before closing time, on the hunt for a nice book to “treat myself,” and there it was: a paperback copy of She Drives Me Crazy by Kelly Quindlen.

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